Employment and Education

We are employed two day a week each by the Music and Worship Foundation to run engageworship.org; creating resources, writing articles and leading events and training nationally.

We both completed the degree course in Theology, Music and Worship at London School of Theology (was LBC), and Sam now works there three days per week as Programme Leader and lecturer on the Theology and Worship course. 

We both have MAs from Kings College London - Sara in Youth Ministry and Sam in Contemporary worship.  Sam is a co-leader of the RESOUNDworship.org song writing/sharing group, on a volunteer basis, and a Director of the Jubilate Group.

We worked at Ascension, Balham Hill for five years, Sam as Worship and Creative Arts Team Leader and Sara as Youth Ministries Co-ordinator, and finished our roles in August ’07.  We then began working at St James’ Hemingford Grey in May ’08, where Sam was employed three days a week as Worship Minister.   In January 2011 we moved to Luton, to pursue engageworship.org and Sam’s LST job without a church post.  We are active members at Stopsley Baptist in Luton, volunteering as leaders of the worship team.

Below are some of the things we have been involved with.


Spring Harvest: Leading both musical and creative worship at a variety of venues over a number of years; youth, young adults, adult alternative and Big Top, as well as Zones and seminars. Sam has also served on the Songbook Selection Team and the Creative Planning Team, and we’ve played After Hours venues.

New Wine: Leading worship for youth venues and playing at After Hours.

Just 10 Clapham Common: Leading worship for this two week J John mission, with crowd of 8000 and live on GOD TV.

Songwriting: Sam has had a number of songs published in Spring Harvest, Songs for the King, and Carol Praise books. Sam is currently co-leading the Jubilate Group RESOUNDworship.org project, growing new songwriters to resource the wider church through a free website.

Writing: Sara has written for the Evangelical Alliance Essential youth theology project, and freelance for YFC.  Our book ‘How Would Jesus Lead Worship’ was published by BRF in 2009, and we write a regular column for Youthwork Magazine.

Training: Sam and Sara have run training events and seminars with the Music and Worship Foundation, London School of Theology, Spring Harvest, and through direct contacts, on subjects like worship leading, creative worship, band dynamics, worship with children and youth...

Want to know a bit more about us?  Here is a bit of our story and some mini CVs.  If you have any more questions please feel free to get in contact.

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